Bag Lunch Catering for Any Event

How the Bag Lunch Became the New Best Choice

Vintage lunchboxes (The Munsters, The Partridge Family, Star Wars, etc.) that used to contain a lovingly made PB&J, chips and money for a carton of milk have sadly become part of our history.

But, the past is the past and so, we look forward.

Fortunately, bag lunches have come a long way, and are continually evolving to meet the needs of our hectic working-day lives.

Computers were supposed to make our lives easier, result in the paperless office and allow us more leisure time. What has happened, however, is that technology has morphed our activities, tasks and expectations into a dizzying frenzy clocking in at warp speed. There is more paper in our offices than ever before (for backup) and as human beings, we race to catch up with the daily demands this speed has imposed upon us.  As everything has amped up, the dollars become harder to chase and there exists increased pressure on everyone to become more productive.

Evolutionarily speaking, we were meant to hunt, gather, cook and dine in the outdoors, not stay seated for seven hours staring into computer screens.

So much for that.

One thing has not changed, however, and that is our need to eat while at work. The amount of mental and physical energy that is expended in the average workday is tremendous and by the time the noon hour rolls around, well, we are famished.

Workers in the modern American workplace, be it an office, a factory, machine shop or retail store, are supposed to take a few minutes to eat, decompress and regain energy. In some states, it is a law.

But even that necessity has changed. 

“Let’s do lunch,” that inspired phrase of the 1980s has nearly disappeared among the average worker. USA Today reported recently that an estimated 65% of workers eat lunch at their desks. Even executives, for whom money is often not an issue, are enjoying fewer sit-down lunches in full-service restaurants. Eating establishments report a steady increase in the number of carry-out lunches ordered. And more, like our staff at 700 South Deli, have responded to this lifestyle change by providing an innovative variety of Bag Lunch menu options from which to choose.

Bag Lunch Catering Menu Options

Our staff at 700 South Gourmet Deli understand your workday is harder, longer and more stressful than it’s ever been and there is no sign of that slowing down. If anything, your world of work will get faster and more demanding. If you must remain at your desk during the lunch hour, or even if you just have a few minutes to grab a bite, let us help with a fresh, delicious, nutritious and reasonably-priced bag lunch so you can stay focused and energized through the afternoon.


Quick Pick Bag Lunch

For the busy professional that doesn’t have a lot of time for decision-making, this option offers a large variety of delicious and innovative combinations from which to choose that are tasty and nutritious and will give you that added jump-start of energy needed to get through the day. From the classic BLT using fresh summer tomatoes, thick slabs of smoky bacon and crisp lettuce, to the more exotic Mediterranean Wrap, a delicacy loaded with the healthy, colorful ingredients of that sun-kissed region: Italian meats, feta cheese, artichokes, olive tapenade spread,
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Custom Bag Lunch

We all like options. We want it the way we want it. And we want you to have it your way. This lunch option ensures that your noonday sustenance will be exactly what you ordered and no more.Whether you feel like a basic American Cheese sandwich that reminds you of your childhood, or the more grown-up Specialty 700 Club, loaded with succulent roasted turkey breast, the complex flavors of smoky Black Forest ham, the buttery, nutty flavors of the mild Muenster Cheese then layered with lettuce and tomato onto caraway-infused rye toast slices; you will have an amazing array of sandwich designs, fresh breads, cheeses and deli salads to select from.
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Leaf Salad Bag Lunch

The quintessential bag lunch doesn’t always mean a sandwich. Sometimes just leafy greens are all you need. All the classic salad choices are here: Garden, Chef, Greek, Cobb & Caesar. A variety of tasty dressings ranging from tangy to full-bodied to sweet will invigorate the salad to your particular taste. For a more bountiful meal, add a touch of protein, such as tender sliced chicken, crisp crumbled bacon or perhaps a side of tangy shrimp salad. A fresh roll, dessert and beverage can nicely round out that deskside lunch break.
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Hot Sandwich Bag Lunch

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