Office Catering is important to keep your Team happy

As many smart corporate managers know, it is wise to an provide office catering for your people for any important business event. Lunch that is catered says, thank you.  It says: it is not just all about work all the time.

The world is divided into two types of people: those who
like delicatessen and those that don’t like delicatessen…Jason Robards as Murray Burns in the film A Thousand Clowns.(1965.)

Murray Burns was being skeptical.

Most people love delicatessen. Without question.

If given a choice between a corporate chain sandwich shop, supermarket or a big box store deli and a real neighborhood deli, most people will choose the lovingly-tended cured meats and freshly-made side dishes of the local delicatessen.

The word delicatessen comes from German, English and French derivations, but it best translates as “delicacies” or “fine food;” in other words, something special over and above “the usual.”

Let’s face it. The corporate work world, be it in an office, factory or retail store, is something we all have to do in order to put food on the table and support our families.  And most companies, regardless of their size, have meetings. Meetings tell employees that managers have something to say to them. There are meetings to discuss sales and profits, state-of-the-business meetings, meetings to welcome visiting managers, meetings to provide new information that is crucial to employees. Sometimes meetings are held just to thank workers for a great quarter, or a hard job well done.

There is a reason that delicatessen works so well for most people, and why it’s a wise choice for your corporate catering needs. Deli foods offer remarkable flavor and filling comfort. There is no lovelier sight than large platters piled high with freshly sliced Angus Roast Beef that is oven roasted to succulent tenderness; moist premium turkey, Black Forest Ham, and aromatic imported cheeses.  Their combinations and side dishes are finely tuned to savory, sweet and sour, meticulously formulated for the best eating experience.

People love to build their own custom sandwiches. It encourages conversation, boosts morale and encourages people to mingle as they make their selections and get to know one another in a social aspect.

At 700 South Gourmet Deli, we want you to have that special experience of fine, extraordinary food at a reasonable price and delivered exactly when you want it. Whether it is a lunchtime business meeting or an afternoon mixer event, we can accommodate your business’s needs. We deliver on time, up until 4pm.We have specialized in corporate office catering for over 30 years, and we always try our best to work with special requests – Whether it be a custom menu, budget restrictions, or a special delivery time. You can always give us a call if you need help planning your next event – 410.859.1700.

Please check out all of our menu for your next business event.

Your people will thank you for it.